Message from the Administrator

Sandra Benko, Administrator

Welcome to Bedford-Somerset DBHS (Developmental and Behavioral Health Services). For over fifty years, DBHS has been dedicated to being the leader in the administration, coordination, and the delivery of services and supports to individuals and family members.

Our vision is that every person and family that we serve will have a network of family, friends, advocates, and supportive services to provide assistance in living a full and productive life in our community. As we all know, health is absolutely important to the quality of life we enjoy. It has an impact on everyone’s well-being. Here at DBHS, we believe that developmental and behavioral health challenges and conditions can be successfully addressed so that each person has the opportunity to live a healthy and full life.

Please use this website to find out more about what our agency can do to assist you and/or your family member. We believe in doing the right thing for you and in doing it well. Remember, we are here to serve you. Let us know how we can help!

Our Principles

  • Helpful and Kind: We strive to be part of the solution in everything we do in a kind and caring way.
  • Creative: Services and Supports are constructed with creativity and a positive attitude.
  • Person-Centered: Service and supports are based upon the needs of the person and are self-directed to every extent possible.
  • Culturally Competent: Services and supports are sensitive and responsive to racial, ethnic, religious, and gender differences.
  • Community-Based: Services and supports are provided in the home as long as it remains safe, comfortable and medically possible.
  • Flexible: Services and supports are designed to be flexible based on the person’s needs.
  • Coordinated: Services and supports are coordinated to reduce fragmentation and to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Coordination includes linkages with peers, families, advocates, providers and professionals.
  • Accountable: The Agency remains accountable to the individuals who access and use services, as well as to family members, community providers and other professionals.
  • Strengths Based: Services and supports build upon the assets and strengths of individuals and help people maintain a sense of identity, self-esteem and dignity.


Somerset Office

The Bennett Building
245 West Race Street
Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501
Phone: 814.443.4891
Toll Free: 877.814.4891

Bedford Office

1243 Shed Road
Bedford, Pennsylvania 15522
Phone: 814.623.5166
Toll Free: 877.814.5166