Behavioral Health Services

Consultation and Education

The Bedford-Somerset DBHS Program is committed to the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of mental health in the communities it serves. It is through consultation and education services that DBHS informs the public, about the nature of mental illness and its management, how to cope with mental illness, about existing resources and how to obtain expert assistance.

The purpose of mental health consultation/education efforts are to:
  • Improve awareness and knowledge of mental illness and skills to enhance healthy living by providing training, counseling, and education
  • Improve the identification and resolution of mental health problems – Improve recognition of the signs of mental/emotional distress and assure action is taken to intervene before problem patterns are established
  • Provide information, skills and assistance to family members dealing with individuals with mental illnesses or emotional problems
  • Expand access to mental health services by establishing links between mental health professionals and individuals, organizations, and institutions that provide services for individuals with mental illness
  • Provide information and increase awareness and advocacy for individuals with mental illness
  • Improve the practice of community-based mental health prevention and intervention services
  • Assist professionals in developing mental health knowledge and skills in the detection of emotional disorders and management of problems appropriate to their work.
  • Involve other community agencies, groups, and individuals in assessment of the community’s mental health needs, planning and developing resources, integration and coordination of services, and evaluating a broad range of community services.


Somerset Office

The Bennett Building
245 West Race Street
Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501
Phone: 814.443.4891
Toll Free: 877.814.4891

Bedford Office

1243 Shed Road
Bedford, Pennsylvania 15522
Phone: 814.623.5166
Toll Free: 877.814.5166