Immediate Job Openings

Individuals interested in employment may e-mail their name, address, telephone number, educational background, and work experience to  The information will be reviewed to determine possible qualifying titles.

Or interested individuals may visit the PA Government Jobs website at and click on “Filter” then “Location” and select Bedford and Somerset Counties to review job titles.  Click on the job title of interest then click “Apply” and follow the process to submit an application.

PT/On-call Crisis Workers

Looking to earn some extra money outside your normal workday or over a weekend? This opportunity is for part-time Crisis Workers to provide on-call emergency services to adults or children and their families. Responsible for providing rapid responses by phone or in person to resolve precipitating stress. On the Government Jobs website, search for “County Caseworker” with a location of Somerset or Bedford. Scroll to the part-time positions.

Case Managers

This opportunity is for full-time Case Managers to build rapport and a professional relationship with individuals of all ages in services and their families. Serve as an advocate for the consumer, monitor the delivery of services, link individuals to services, develop social supports, and encourage self-determination. Provide face-to-face contact as needed. On the Government Jobs website, search for “County Caseworker” with a location of Somerset or Bedford.

Clinical Therapist

This opportunity is for a full-time Clinical Therapist to provide counseling services to individuals of all ages. establish a written goal-specific treatment plan and serve as a resource providing mental health consultation to colleagues. Collaborate with Psychiatrists, Nurses, and other agencies to provide the highest quality of services. On the Government Jobs website, search for “Psychological Services Associate” with a location of Somerset or Bedford.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)

This opportunity is for a PMHNP to provide psychiatric services in an Outpatient Clinic on a part-time or full-time basis for our Somerset and/or Bedford locations. Conduct outpatient psychiatric evaluations, provide psychiatric follow-up appointments for medication management, participate in discharge planning, assist with nursing duties as needed, ensure required paperwork is completed in a timely fashion, and participate in trainings as needed. The Outpatient Clinic is open Monday through Friday. Work with a great team of psychiatrists, therapists, supervisors, and secretarial staff!

Facilities and Maintenance Manager

This job opportunity is for a full-time Facilities and Maintenance Manager to oversee operational duties for our facilities and capital improvement projects for multiple locations: Somerset, Bedford and Windber. Makes recommendations, establishes preventative measures, collaborates with contractors, works with security system and office moves, assists with maintenance and fleet budget, supervises two positions and oversees custodial staff. This position has a shared responsibility for overseeing and monitoring the Agency’s operations 24/7. The person may be required to work remotely during scheduled times off, off hours and/or weekends and have flexibility for business necessity. On the Government Jobs website, search for “Administrative Officer 1” with a location of Somerset or Bedford.

Future Job Openings

The job titles below are frequently used at DBHS. For additional information, interested individuals may e-mail their name, address, telephone number, educational background, and work experience to or call Human Resources at (814) 443-4891 or 1-877-814-4891.

No Experience Required:
— Clerical
— Custodial Worker (part-time only)
Experience Required:
— Advanced Clerical
— Fiscal Assistant/Technician
License Required:
— Licensed Practical Nurse
— Registered Nurse and CRNP
— Physician’s Assistant
— Psychiatrist
Bachelor’s Degree in Appropriate Field:
— Accountant
— County Caseworker
— County Caseworker Supervisor
— Program Specialist
Master’s Degree in Appropriate Field:
— Social Worker
— Therapist
College Students:
— Internships
— Summer Employment

***Equal Opportunity Employer***

DBHS has a provider system called Cornerstone Community Services where many of these positions are located. For more information on Cornerstone Community Services please visit


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Bedford Office

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